You have seen us at Home and Garden Shows
throughout the United States.

Now you can purchase our Automatic Massage
Pillow from the convenience of your own home.
With no
parking or entrance fee's to pay or
crowds to cope with.

We have built a solid reputation over the years and
offer a superior product in the market of
Massage Pillows.

We offer  8 different colors to choose from:
Navy, Light Green, Brown,Beige,Burgundy,
Black,Teal, and Leopard Print
to compliment
any decor.

We also offer an AC/DC adaptor to power your
pillow when you want to save the batteries.

Our Massage Pillow with it's random,quiet,
pulsating massage has no continuing pattern.

Therefore it becomes a soothing rhythmic massage
which can be relieving to anyone in just a few
It helps in relieving the aches and pains brought on
by arthritis, bursitis, muscle soreness, stress and